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ZORK to host industry innovators at Speakers Corner during Winetech

Some of the wine industry’s most innovative thinkers will share their top ten tips for success during four Speakers Corner sessions at the ZORK stand during the 13th Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference in late July.

Creator of the successful Angus the Bull label, Hamish MacGowan, Asian marketing guru Francis Wong and Booze Brothers Director Adrian Saturno, are some of the speakers confirmed for the ZORK initiative.

Hamish MacGowan’s Angus the Bull label has flourished during a testing time for the Australian wine industry, making him a perfect candidate for Speakers Corner.

“There has been a trend recently for the same people to make the same comments in the wine media. It is time for some different opinions and I think that this is a great collection of people that may have a different position on things,” Hamish said.

“We’ve taken a departure from the traditional marketing model with the Angus the Bull label and have been successful during a difficult time in the industry, I am looking forward to sharing my experience of how this was achieved.”

Managing Director of Top 8 Wines, Francis Wong is looking forward to discussing his top ten tips on marketing wine in the Asian market.

“I think this is a good chance to talk about my experience in Asian markets and the changes and trends that are happening in wine in that part of the world.

“There is so much to know about wine awareness and wine culture in the Asian market and hopefully I can provide some insights on how they work and how to achieve success,” Francis said.

The four sessions will cover the Media, Industry, Marketing and Retail and will be held on Monday July 30 and Tuesday July 31. The half hour sessions will run during the lunch break and in the late afternoon to avoid competing with the main workshops.

ZORK’S Vice President of Marketing, David Pahl said that Speakers Corner would provide a chance for a selection of the wine industry’s forward thinkers to share their thoughts on some hot topics in a relaxed setting.

“Speakers Corner is not a discussion on ZORK in any way, we are simply providing a forum to hear from some interesting people in the Australian wine industry,” David said.

“We are aiming to create a casual environment, and we’ll have hot coffee during the lunch break and some Coopers on ice for the afternoon sessions.

“We are really looking forward to hearing the thoughts of our speakers, who have all found success through innovation and are generous enough to discuss this with us,” David said.

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