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Large cuts made easy with new Felcotronic

Following successful product trials in Europe, the new Felcotronic 810 is currently being launched in Australia ahead of the rest of the world.

With a rated cutting capacity of 35mm, the 810 is specifically designed for the intensive pruning of larger branches, as required in olive groves, orchards or vineyard renewals. The current Felco 800 model remains the recommended tool for standard vineyard pruning. Both models use the same lightweight battery pack that delivers more than 8 hours autonomy.

Felco used advanced technology to deliver what they claim are the groundbreaking attributes of the Felco 810: “the unique geometry of the cutting head holds the branch as it cuts, which means that the operator no longer needs to push the tool towards the branch during larger cuts, thus saving effort and increasing productivity,” Felco Australia Director, Rémy Favre said.

“In its trials in Europe, the Felcotronic 810 blade has also surprised everyone by its low-wear qualities. We are finding the response so far in Australia in all market sectors very encouraging. The new tool is quickly gaining acceptance as the solution for larger diameter pruning” concluded Favre.

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