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5th National Sustainable Viticulture Seminar

The Technical Viticulture Sub Committee of the Mudgee Wine Grape Growers Association Inc. is pleased to announce their 5th Sustainable Viticulture Seminar, this year themed ‘Adapting to Change’.

The seminar will be held at Australian Rural Education Centre (AREC) in Mudgee on 5 July, 2007.

According to Co-Chairperson of the Viticulture Committee, Rosie Dorney “In the current challenging climate, sustainable agriculture is increasingly of concern to Australian and international agri-business. To maintain long-term viability, Growers need to reassess their business & farming practices and this is what our Seminar will help Australian wine grape growers to do”.

“The Seminar takes a positive approach to current market uncertainty and prevailing dry climactic conditions and will involve a comprehensive examination of environmentally and economically sound management practices. This will help to ensure that Australian vineyards continue to be able to supply quality fruit to drive the Australian Wine Industry through the next cycle of growth and change,” Dorney said.

Presentations by leading Viticulture Industry experts include:

 The sustainability of the Australian Wine Industry – National & International outlook  Long term grape supply contracts — identifying the essential elements  Regional Wine grape marketing initiatives  Maximising operating efficiencies  Vineyard Management workshop – Balancing nutrition and water requirements for hot, dry conditions  Winemaker forum – Managing Vineyards to meet Winery specifications  Environmental Management Systems in Viticulture

A Trade exhibition of the latest ideas, technologies and concepts in sustainable viticulture will also be on display, allowing participants to interact with suppliers.

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