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National sparkling red day

Australia’s love affair with Australian Sparkling Red continues when true believers and converts alike gather at Jimmy Watson’s Wine Bar on Tuesday 19 June to celebrate sixteen years since the new wave of awareness started with the first National Sparkling Red Day Australia in 1991.

Jimmy Watson’s, famous for all things wine and food including a close association with Australian Sparkling Red have served this unique Australian wine icon since the early 1950’s.

With the introduction of more grape varieties and styles wine lovers are increasingly welded on to a wine style that is so versatile as a drink or with food and so much fun that more and more winemakers now produce their interpretation of Australia’s unique wine icon.

The director and founder of National Sparkling Red Day Australian Ian Loftus says that “It’s a wine style that is convincing people they love good wine and I have found that many new converts to red wine have started with Australian Sparkling Red especially women who represent at least half of all consumers.

"Around Australia and around the world 'Spurglers' (lovers of Australian Sparkling Red) will celebrate an Australian wine style first made at Auldara in South Australia in 1892 and at Great Western the following year”

From nubiles and groovy youths to grandparents National Sparkling Red Day Australia will toast a nation of innovative winemakers of today and their forbears who gave Australia a world first wine style.

For further information phone (03)9347 3985.

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